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Classes begin September 8th!
How do I enroll??
1. Read season contract (PDF)
2. Review tentative season schedule below
3. Review Season Event Calendar (PDF)
4. Complete registration link below.
5. Submit $15 enrollment fee.
6. Login to your Parent Portal to check out this new studio feature.
7. On September 5th check back here for the student roster/schedule.
Contact Miss Jennie with any questions!
Class Level Descriptions

Level 1 Creative Movement: For students age 3, unless otherwise approved by the director

Level 2 Creative Movement: For students age 4, unless otherwise approved by the director

Level 3 Dance: For students age 5-6

Level 4 Dance: For students age 7-9

Level 5 Dance: For students age 10-12

Level 6 Dance: For students age 12 + 

Beginner Tumbling: For students age 5-7 who have no instructional experience.

Intermediate Tumbling: For students age 8-11 who some instructional experience and skill set.

Advanced: For MS/HS age students or those  who have mastered their intermediate skills.

* We understand that it is important for students to be in classes with friends their own age. When making final class rosters, EDC staff, will take each students skill level and experience into account. Please contact Miss Jennie with any questions concerning your students level. 

Pay Here!
You may pay your $15 registration fee electronically by clicking one of the links below. Use the email, jennifercox786@gmail.com, to complete payment.
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Beginner Full!
Level 3 Jazz FULL!