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What are parents and past students  saying about EDC???

"Being involved in dance with this studio has given my daughter confidence throughout many areas in her life. The friendships she and I have both made with our dance family are very special and will last a lifetime! Jennie and our staff are dedicated to providing a healthy, fun, and exciting experience for each student. My daughter has only 2 years remaining in studio dance and we will always treasure our time at EDC." 

-Dance Mom, Cathy

"My daughter has been dancing since she was four. When we came to EDC she was worried that she would be treated differently coming to a new studio with people she didn't know. Miss Jennie and Miss Marah welcomed her with open arms into the EDC family. They gave her some individual attention when needed, encouraged her on the things she excelled in, and worked with her on the areas she needed help with. She has become a stronger dancer and her love for dance has grown even more. Thank you Jennie, Marah, and the entire EDC staff!"

-Dance Mom, Annie

"I was home schooled and painfully shy. I had a hard time making friends. My parents knew that I needed an outlet for my energy and a way to meet kids my age. The second they put me in dance I fell in love. Two years later, my old studio shut down and we were devastated, but Miss Jennie came to the rescue after opening Entertainment Dance Company. After meeting Jennie, I began to flourish in learning how to dance, making friends and gaining confidence. Taking classes taught me more than just how to dance. It taught me how to express myself in every aspect of my life. Once I learned that I loved performing, I explored acting, singing and any performance experience I could get my hands on. Starting dance young was the best decision my parents could have made, as it taught me some of the most important lessons in life. Dance taught me that words are not the only way to communicate. It brought me some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. It taught me compassion and patience. Without dance I wouldn’t be half the person I am today."

-Andie, Senior Dancer 2018

"We were searching for the right dance studio when we moved to Kansas. We were used to a certain caliber of dance and we were so glad to find EDC. Miss Jennie and Miss Marah have been so patient and encouraging. Rebecca has learned so much! We love EDC!"

-Dance Mom, Heather

"EDC was more than a dance studio - it was my family! Growing up in this studio, I was able to find life long friends, create awesome memories, and develop as a person and athlete. I could always count on my dance friends and family to be there for me no matter what.

Going to competitions or finishing a dance for recital was always an accomplishment. Being able to win or complete a dance and master it builds success and confidence. I always felt achieved. Dance teaches you strength and teamwork working together with others.

In dance you have to be athletic and elegant to be successful. I am thankful that dance contributed to my athletic ability and physically made me stronger. Today, as an athletic trainer, I am able to use my studio experience with the cheerleaders and dancers I work with at the collegiate level. EDC sparked my passion to care for performing art athletes as a career.

“Be awesome” was always a quote I said, used, or what others would tell me before a performance. It got me pumped up, gave me the confidence to go out on stage, and to BE AWESOME!"

-Katie, 2014 Senior Dancer

"I came to EDC in high school, but I had been a performer all my life and was excited to learn more about dance. I found even more than I bargained for! Miss Jennie is such a great teacher. She was always patient and encouraged us to grow as a team. Wednesday became my favorite night because that’s when I got to go dance and have fun with my friends! I also learned a lot about dedication, perseverance, and confidence through dance. I loved getting to perform the routines I learned and add new moves to my repertoire. Of all the activities I did in school, dance was my favorite and the one I look back on with the most gratitude. I am so thankful for EDC and all it taught me." 

-Bridgett, Senior Dancer 2014

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